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Covid 19 Policy

Covid-19 and Travel – All You Need To Know About Travelling To Tanzania

Worrying about travelling to Tanzania for safaris during this Covid 19 pandemic? 


Many people would like to trip Tanzania now. However travel currently within the times of this Covid-19 Pandemic may be terribly tough to most travellers not solely to Tanzania however to different African destinations too. Karagwe Tours and Safaris has return up with overall info as associate update for travellers who would like to trip Tanzania as a solo, Family hunting expedition or cluster however troubled with covid-19 scenario that is facing several travel destinations within the world.
As it has been usual even before the pandemic, the key to with success trip African country begins with smart hunting expedition preparations, obtaining the mandatory information before travel, obtaining credible information from associate knowledgeable about Tour Operator would add a price to prospering Safaris in Tanzania.
Our Tanzania Government is taking track of data to all or any International shoppers United Nations agency arrives in Tanzania for various wishes, being for mounting the best Mount in continent (we solely mean Mt. Kilimanjaro), Experiencing unforgettable life safaris in several parks like Serengeti, Ngorongoro , Lake Manyra and Tarangire or being travel for beach relaxation on the shores of island.
Every international measures are taken into thought after you arrive in Tanzania, temperature scanning for all inbound international passengers is enforced consequently. And if you show any symptoms of covid-19 au fait arrival in African country, the authority could need you to require a take a look at however the isn’t any 14-day quarantine in Tanzania tho’ you ought to fits any extra screening measures just in case you show any symptoms when being tested by the Authorities


Enhanced Sanitary Measures

Of course, the government cares its people and cares about travellers a lot. Some sanitary regulations and restriction has been taken into consideration in any interaction when you’re in Tanzania for your all time of vacation. Recommended face mask wearing, sanitizing your hands every time and keeping social distance as recommended everywhere to other destinations around the world. All possible measures are taken into consideration starting from Airport to the Lodge, our guides are well trained and are taking all Corona precautions during and after your game drive tour.

No Quarantine

There had been no quarantine for people in Tanzania since the Introduction of the deadly covid 19 situation and travel, Tanzania has been open for Tourism since May 2020 when life begin to be likely back to normal. Now days life in Tanzania has back to normal, everything is operating as usual, cafes and bars are open, restaurants, public transportation as well as attractions and non-essential businesses.

Tanzania has been a peaceful land of Africa and it still open to Offer travellers from all over the global to come and explore unforgettable experiences of the wild, Mount and beaches from this beautiful country. One fact you would like to hear about Tanzania is that, there are no significant number of people who are sick from covid-19 in Tanzania and the average population is 18 years, and they are all generally very strong and healthy.

Stop worrying, Travelling is healthy.

Despite the fact that Tanzania has been open for tourism covid 19 situation and travel for quite times back, Yet the number of incoming travellers are still low and the big reason being that the situation is not yet stable from many countries whose people wish to travel to Tanzania. To some countries have allowed International Airline to operate and people have started travelling and relax after long time lock down, but still some travellers worry about travelling yet.

We Understand the economic instability to most people during this covid-19 time but don’t worry because all Tanzania Safaris for now, being Lodge Safari, Family safari, Camping, Luxury Lodges, Kilimanjaro Climb, Zanzibar Beach Vacation, Fly in Safari or Group travel can be enjoyed for a very, very reasonable price from Karagwe Tours and Safaris 

We all know that a slow flow of tourist for Tanzania Safaris is because most travellers are worried about the price and Covid condition but don’t worry because the pandemic pushed the price low too. We have best offers that will fit your budget.

With a warm welcome, Explore with us.

Tanzania is definitely safe covid 19 situation and travel and all precautions of the pandemic are taken into consideration and all people understand and obey them accordingly, this include general hygiene and sanitation to different parts of the tour, hotels and lodges and so on.

Tanzania National Parks host much fewer visitors for now; thus the animals are being very curious. Our Clients who are coming to Tanzania this time report of doubled spotting and much longer observing time than ever before so your experience can be really unique and also quite intimate.

And remember, the visitors protect the animals from poachers! Equally unique and intimate can be any trekking experience; imagine Kilimanjaro or Ngorongoro with your group only. Or a long sandy beach caressing you while resting alone. This is really amazing and don’t plan to not travelling this time.